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Dear Friends,


Our opportunity has finally come to personally play a role in assisting the American Battlefield Trust to permanently preserve and protect the 245-acre Egger Tract, the largest remaining undeveloped portion of the Williamsburg battlefield.  This opportunity has occurred through an unprecedented combination of state and federal grants.  While raising the final sum needed to secure the purchase is important, it is equally important to have as many unique donors as possible give to this effort.  What does this mean, and why is it important?  If you wish to donate $50 and there are 2 members in your household, consider each of you giving separate $25 gifts.  In the future when the WBA, as stewards of the property, applies for grants to create trails, install signage, etc., the grantor organizations will consider the level of local interest exhibited in the project when awarding funds.  The number of unique donors participating in this fundraising opportunity to save Egger Tract will be a measure of vested community interest to which the WBA can refer.  


Please give as generously as you can and encourage as many individual household members and friends to give as well.  Just click "DONATE" , and thank you for your support!


Williamsburg Battlefield Association




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