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2021 and 2022 Outstanding Camp Awards
L-R Quartermaster George Bridewell accepts awards from Brigade Cmdr Ed Whitley

April 2022 Guest Speaker
L-R Mike Block and 1st Lt. Commander Jerry White

March 2022 Speaker Marilyn Iglasias
L-R Gwen Wood, 1st Lt. Cmdr Jerry White and Marilyn Iglasias

February 2022 Guest Speakers
L-R 1st Lt. Cmdr Jerry White, Doug Crenshaw and Bert Dunkerly

February 12, 2022 Ft. Magruder Cleanup Detail

L-R Steve White, Joe Duggan, Ron Perry, Jim Gilley and Ken Parsons

January 2022 Guest Speaker Marilyn Iglasias
L-R Marilyn Iglasias, 1st Lt Commander Jerry White and Gwen Wood

january 8, 2022 Ft. Magruder Cleanup Detail
Ken Parsons and Ron Perry putting fill dirt along the edges of the sidewalk

January 8, 2022 Ft. Magruder Cleanup Detail
Fence Repair by Steve White, Dennis Dasher, Joe Dugan and Dave Watson

New Member Induction Justin Collier
L-R 1st Lt Commander Jerry White, Justin Collier and Asst. Adjutant Ken Parsons

November 2021 Guest Speaker Bill Miller
L-R Bill Miller and 1st Lt. Commander Jerry White

Life Membership SCV Certificate
Compatriot Mike Willoughby

October 2021 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jerry White and Robert Garnett

New Members

L-R New Member Denny Griggs, 1st. Lt. Cmdr. Jerry White, New FOC Mike Mitchell, Adj. Dave Watson and Cmdr. Jeff Toalson

2021 Camp Adjutant/Treasurer Induction
L-R Commander Jeff Toaslon, Adjutant Dave Watson and Ken Parsons

July 2021 Guest Speaker Compatriot Larry Floyd
L-R Commander Jeff Toalson and Larry Floyd

Adj. Ken Parsons presents Life Member Certificates
L-R Ken Parsons, Joe Duggan, Bob Tuck and Jeff Toalson

2nd Brig Cmdr Andrew Moorehead installs Officers
L-R: Jerry White 1st Lt. Cmdr, Adj Ken Parsons, 2nd Brig. Cmdr Andrew Moorhead and Jeff Toalson Cmdr

June 2021 Guest Speaker
L-R Mr. Lee Pelton and 1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson

2020 - 21 Officer Induction

L to R:   1st Lt Cmdr Jeff Toalson, Special Project Officer Rob Symer, Senior Chaplain George Corbett, Quartermaster George Bridewell and SCV Virginia Division Heritage Officer Frank Earnest  who performed the induction.

September 2020 Guest Speaker
L-R interim 1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson and Doug Crenshaw

L-R New Members - Charles Wood and Wayne Glass, Transfered Member Mac Harris, Adjutant Ken Parsons,
Interim 1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson and Commander Jerry Thompson

August 2020 Guest Speaker
L-R Interim 1st Lt Commander Jeff Toalson and Dr. Mallory Read

Life Membership Presentations
L-R Compatriot Jim Leach, Adjutant Ken Parsons and Compatriot Jim Wells

June 2020 Guest Speaker
L-R Interim 1st. Lt. Commander and Mr. Carson Hudson (Brief Photo Op)

February 2020 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt Commander David Hastedt and Aaron Firth

L-R Adjutant Ken Parsons, 1st Lt. Commander David Hastedt,
New Compatriots Cole Butler, Curtis Johnson and Commander Jerry Thompson

November 2019 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander David Hastedt and Mr. Charles Wood

New Member Induction September 2019
L-R 1st Lt Cmdr David Hastedt, Adj Ken Parsons, Compatriot Dal Bailey and Cmdr. Jerry Thompson

July 2019 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt Commander David Hastedt and J. Michael Moore

2019 Heritage Defense Award
L-R Adjutant Ken Parsons and VA DIV Heritage Defense Coordinator Frank Earnest

2019 Outstanding Camp Award
Quartermaster Joel Goodwin displays the 2019 Award Streamer

June 2019 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander David Hastedt and Norm Cooper

February 2019 Guest Speaker
L-R Guest Speaker Duff Porter and Tom Campbell

New Officer Installation for 2019

L-R 1st Brigade Commander Tommy Thomas, Past Commander Fred Boelt, 1st Lt. Commander David Hastedt and Commander Jerry Thompson

New Member Induction
L-R Past Cmdr Jeff Toalson, Rob Symer, Adjutant Ken Parsons and 1st Lt Cmdr Jim Leach

September Guest Speaker
L-R Fred Chiesa and Past Commander Jeff Toalson

August 2018 Meeting
L-R Marilyn Iglesias (Gloucester UDC), David Meisky and Susan Hudson (Lancaster UDC)

June 2018 Meeting Guest


Compatriot Ian Pearce of the Isle of Guernsey (Great Britain) and Mrs. Billie Earnest.  Ian, a member of the Norfolk County Grays, honors his ancestor who served in the 46th North Carolina Infantry. 

June 2018 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jim Leach, David Goetz and Commander Fred Boelt

April 2018 Guest Speaker
L-R Susan and Eric Wittenberg and Commander Fred Boelt

April 2018 Guest Speaker
L-R Eric Witttenberg and Commander Fred Boelt

2018 SCV Convention Roanoke, VA Heritage Defense
L-R VA SCV Treasurer Bill Graham accepts a $500 check from Adjutant Ken Parsons

2018 Quartermaster Induction
L-R Quartermaster Joel Goodwin and Cmdr Fred Boelt

New Friends of the Camp
L-R Commander Fred Boelt, Wendy Blizzard-Johnston, Sherron Ware and Adjutant Ken Parsons

New Member Induction
L-R Cmdr Fred Boelt, Jim Gilley, Dennis Dasher, Adjutant Ken Parsons and 1st Lt Cmdr Jim Leach

Officer Induction
Commander Fred Boelt inducts Jon Holland as Aide-de-Camp

Passing the Commander Pin
L-R Jeff Toalson and Commander Fred Boelt

L-R Commander Fred Boelt, Jerry Thompson Assistant Adjutant/Treasurer and Heritage Defense Coordinator Frank Earnest

October 2017 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt Commander Jim Leach, Bob Krick and Compatriot Mike Willoughby

September 2017 New Member Induction
L-R Adjutant Ken Parsons, Bob Dennis, Jeremy Dennis and 1st Lt Commander Jim Leach

Special Collections Visit at the Swem Library


LtoR:  Tom Campbell, Eleanor Hunter, Jerry Thompson, Jim Redford, Lorraine Beasley,  Joel Goodwin, Steve White, Jan Toalson, Fred Breeden, Sandy Breeden, Jim Wells, Fred Boelt, Bill Miller, Ken Parsons, Jim O'Donnell, Doug Cummings, Jay Gaidmore and Jeff Toalson.  Not pictured:  Fred Satterwhite, John Holt and Ryan Goodwin

July 2017 Meeting Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jim Leach and Historian David Goetz

June 2017 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jim Leach and John Fox
New Member Induction
L-R Adjutant Ken Parsons, Cmdr. Jeff Toalson, Jim Wells and 1st Lt Cmdr. Jim Leach

April 2017 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jim Leach and Fred Taylor

2017 State SCV Convention

At the 2017 State SCV Convention, on April 22,  Commander Jeff Toalson (LtoR) & Adjutant Ken Parsons of the James City Cavalry present SCV Va. Division Treasurer Bill Graham and SCV Heritage Defense Coordinator Frank Earnest with a $500 check for the Heritage Defense Fund.

L-R Paul Huelskamp, Ken Parsons, Jerry Thompson, Scott Summerfield, David Hastedt, Jeff Toalson, Steve White and Tim Norman

March 2017 Guest Speaker
L-R Commander Jeff Toalson, Chris Kolakowski and 1st Lt CommanderJim Leach

New Member Induction December 2016
L-R Adjutant Ken Parsons, Tom Campbell and 1st Lt Commander Jim Leach

August 2016 Induction Ceremony
L-R Adjutant Ken Parson, Jon Holland, John Holt and 1st Lt. Commander Ed Engle

July 2016 Guest Speaker
L-R Mike Hendricks and 1st Lt Commander Ed Engle

February 2016 Guest Speaker
L-R Les Updike and Ed Engle

2015 Fort Magruder Cleanup Day

L-R Ken Parsons, Harry Opel, Steve White, Paul Huelskamp, Warren Raines, Scott Summerfield, Joli Huelskamp, Midnight and not pictured Jeff Toalson

June 2014 Guest Speaker
L-R Larry Floyd and 1st Lt Commander Ed Engle

2013 State Fair
L-R Editor Jim Swords, 1st Lt. Cmder Ed Engle and Adjutant Ken Parsons

March 2013 Guest Speaker
L-R Commander Jerry White, Chris McDaid and 1st Lt Commander Jeff Toalson

July 2012 Guest Speaker
L-R 1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson, Bob Krick and Commander Jerry White

May 8, 2011 UDC Ceremony Ft. Magruder
James City Cavalry Adjutant Ken Parsons

Willard Gilley's Donation to Norge Library
L-R Compatriot Willard Gilley, Barry Trott, 1st Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Toalson and Adj. Ken Parsons

"On February 2, 2011, Adjutant Ken Parsons and 1st. Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson joined Compatriot Willard Gilley when he donated his collection of the Virginia Regimental Series to the Williamsburg - James City County Library in Norge, Va.  The Virginia Regimental Series has a separate history for each infantry, artillery and cavalry regiment that served the Confederate States of America.   This collection will be maintained in the research area for people doing genealogical and military research on their Virginia Confederate ancestors.  This is a tremendous archive and the James City Cavalry is very pleased that Compatriot Gilley's collection has an excellent long term home."

January 29, 2011 Fort Magruder Cleanup Project
The Clean-up crew with Midnight (aka Krispe-Kreme) planning strategy

Willard Gilley Book Collection Donation to the UDC
L-R Qtr. Mstr. J. White, Lucy Steele, Elizabeth Wilson, 1st. Lt. Cmdr. J.Toalson and Adj. Ken

(Click) UDC Donation Letter

September 22, 2010 Meeting
Army of N. Va. Commander Frank Earnest - Portrays Maj. Heros von Borcke of Gen. J.E.B. Stuarts Staff

April 28, 2010 Meeting
Fred Chiesa - Confederate Currency and Stamps

March 24, 2010 Meeting "John Wilkes Booth"
Colonel Richard L. Weaver

March 17, 2010
Cowles-Spencer Cemetery Memorial Service

February 20th Fort Magruder Clean-up Project
1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson

Cowles-Spencer Cemetery Clean-up Jan 23
Ken Parsons "Engineering" the setting of the headstone

November 2009 "Confederate Uniforms Presentation"
Mike Hendricks and 1st Lt Commander Jeff Toalson

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