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The James City Cavalry, SCV Camp 2095, believes the honoring of our Confederate ancestors is an essential part of maintaining and perpetuating the “Confederate soldier’s good name and the guardianship of his history” as stipulated in General Stephen D. Lee’s “Charge” to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

At each monthly meeting we read a brief history of one Confederate soldier, light a candle and offer a prayer in his remembrance.

The soldier’s honored in 2009:

* Soldiers whose names are in bold have descendents in Camp 2095                            

(Click name for history)                     

January - Private Eugene Bush - Co. D - 38th Virginia Light Artillery

February - Private James A. Wood - Co. D - 11th Virginia Infantry

March - Lt. Col. Hillery Moseley - 42nd Mississippi Infantry

April - Lt. William Haselden - Co. G - 15th South Carolina Infantry

May - No meeting (Confederate Memorial Day Services)

June - Private William H. Ware - Co. D - 3rd Virginia Cavalry

July - Private Sampson S. Simmons - 8th Virginia Cavalry

August - Captain Richard Watkins - Co. K - 3rd Virginia Cavalry

September - Corporal William A. Fletcher - Co. F - 5th Texas Infantry

October - 4th Corporal Stephen B. Sweeney - Co. B - 53 Virginia Infantry

November - Captain Griffin Frost - 2nd Missouri Infantry

December - Dr. William M. McPheeters - Maj. Gen. Sterling Price's Army of Arkansas


January - Lt. Colonel David Pierson - 3rd Louisiana Infantry

February - Corporal Samuel Pickens - Co. D 5th Alabama

March - Sgt. Berry Benson - Co. H - 1st. South Carolina Infantry

April - 4th Cpl. David Warren Spencer - 5th Va Cavalry

May - No meeting (Confederate Memorial Day Services)

June - First Lieutenant Henry S. Figures- 4th Ala. Inf. & 48th Ala.

July - Private Newton Camper - Co. D 11th Va Infantry

August - Corporal Tally Simpson -Company A - 3rd South Carolina Infantry

September - Sergeant Major Marion Hill Fitzpatrick - Company K - 45th Georgia Infantry

October - Private Thomas N. Alexander - Co. I - 37th North Carolina Infantry

November - Corporal Wyndam R. Carper - Company D - 11th Virginia Infantry


January - Lt. Cyrus Coiner - Company G - 52nd Virginia Infantry

February - Private Charles W. Thomas - Company B - 56th Virginia Infantry

March - Captain Edmond M. Ware - Company H & Company G - 5th Virginia Cavalry

April - The Joyner Family of Franklinton, NC

May - No Meeting (Confederate Memorial Day Services)

June - Private Charles T. Shelton - Botetourt Light Artillery

July - Captain Sally Lousia Tomkins - Robertson Hospital, Richmond, VA

August - Private James M. Hudson - 1st NC Infantry

September - Private David Ruffin Chandler - Company E-15th NC Infantry

October - Lt. Col. James H. Allen - Company H 5th Virginia Cavalry

November - Private William R.D. Johnson - Company F - 7th Battalion Georgia Cavalry


January - "Thoughts on Chaplains" A tribute to Chaplain Bill Blizzard

February - 2nd Lt. George Harrison Payne - Co. G-18th VA. Cavalry

March - Private Samuel Crabil - Company D-18th Virginia Cavalry

April - John Wesley Casey - Co. K - Richmond Howitzers

May - No Meeting - (Confederate Memorial Day Services)

June - Private Joseph Strickler Coffman - Company D "Bridgewater Grays" 10th Va. Infantry

July - Captain John H. Thompson - Grimes-Thompson Battery - Va. Light Artillery

August - Sgt. William S. Eakes - Private John S. Eakes - Company B Townsville Guards 12th N. Carolina Infantry

September - Lt. Colonel John C. Timberlake Co. E 53rd Virginia Infantry

October - 1st Lieutenant John H. Barlow Co. C 32nd Virginia Infantry

November - Sergeant Thomas J. Barlow Co. C 32nd Virginia Infantry


January - Lt. James H. Wentworth - Co. D 5th Florida Infantry

February - Private Elijah Thompson Hassell - 50th Tenn. Infantry

March - Private Joseph P. Hoover - 45th Tenn. Infantry

April - Private Joseph Bashaw - 7th Tenn. Infantry

May - No Meeting - (Confederate Memorial Day Services)

June - Private John Jackman - 5th Kentucky Infantry

July - 1st Lt. Thomas R. Harrison - Garnett's Brigade

August - Captain Thomas J. Key - Arkansas Artillery

September - Corporal John F. Gooldy Co A 11th Virginia Infantry 1st Lt. William J. Gooldy Co D 28th Virginia Infantry 1st Sgt. Robert Gooldy Co K 58th Virginia Infantry

October - Private John W. Robison - Maury [Sparkmans] Tennessee Light Artillery

November - Miss. Bridget M. Grimes Employee Dept. No 6 C. S. Laboratory Browns Island Richmond Virginia


February - 5th Sergeant Roland H. Woodward Private Robert A. Woodward Co B 53rd Virginia Infantry

March - Lt. Jacob H. Engle Company A 12 th Virginia Cavalry

April - Private Caleb Ross - Company H The Virginia Rangers 9th Virginia Cavalry

May - No Meeting - Confederate Memorial Day Service

June - 2nd Lt. Edward Marabel Company K 53rd Virginia Infantry & the CSS Patrick Henry

July - Private Jasper Newton Cowger - 3rd Arkansas Cavalry

August - Private George C. Parsons 25 SC Infantry

September - Captain Charles Powell Grady 6th VA Cavalry

October - Private Simon Matthews - 2nd NC Artillery

November - Petty Officer Samuel Joseph Chappell - CSS Jamestown, Naval Battalion at Drewrys Bluff, CSS Fredericksburg


January - Private Alexander Henry Brown - Company A - 47th VA Infantry

February - Private Peter Trible Cowles - 5th VA Cavalry

March - Private Evan Larmer - 25 VA Cavalry

April - Private Isaac Norval Baker -18th VA Cavalry

May - 2nd Lt. Henry Talley -14th VA Infantry

July - Cpl Channing E Redford - Co G 12 VA Infantry

August - Private George H Holleman - 16th VA Infantry

September - Privates John and Samuel Craig - 56th VA Infantry

October - Sergeant William R Allegre - Crenshaw's Battery of VA Light Artillery

November - Third Sergeant William J. H. Magee - Company D - 13th VA Cavalry


January - Pvt. Thomas N. Alexander Co. I 37th N. Carolina Infantry and Pvt. Sampson S. Simmons Co. E 8th Virginia Cavalry

February - Sgt. Archie Livingston - Co. G 1st and 3rd Florida Consolidate Infantry

March - Sergeant Jesse Harper Company E 61st North Carolina Infantry

April - Private Thomas P. Satterwhite Company F 2nd North Carolina Infantry

June - Private Newton Nimrod Nash Company 1 Attala Minute Men - 13th Mississippi Infantry

July - Private Abraham Troxell Link - 4th VA Infantry

August - Captain John D Grantham - 61st Alabama Infantry

September - Private Henry Winder Garrett Co. A VMI Cadets & 43rd Virginia Cavalry Mosbys Rangers

October - Captain Theophilus Perry Co. F28 th Texas Cavalry

November - Captain Elijah P Petty - Company F 17th Texas Infantry


January - Private Joel Henry White - Badhams Battery 3rd Battalion N C Light Artillery

February - Private William Joseph Willoughby Company B 4th Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters

March - Captain James A Anderson Co C 2nd Alabama Cavalry and his daughter Miss Mary Anderson

April - Lt. Colonel James Harvey Allen Company H 5th VA Cavalry

June - Sgt. Benjamin F. Porter - Company E 11th Alabama Infantry

July - Private Lewis Leon - Co. C Charlotte Grays 1st N. C. Infantry and later Co. B53rd N. C. Infantry

August - 4th Sergeant John B. Wilkins Co. C 32nd Virginia Infantry

September - Reverend Davis Morton Wood

October - Private Miles Adams - "Montgomery Highlanders" 4th VA Infantry

November - Private Eli Ludwig Fogleman - Company K 5th North Carolina Cavalry


January - Private Irvin Umphrey - Company E "States Rights Guards" - 49 th Georgia Infantry - Thomas Brigade - A.P. Hill's Division - Jackson's Second Corp

March - Letter of Julian Burnett to Governor Joe Brown

April - Letter from Private Edgar Steel Co B, 85th New York Infantry Newport News, VA to John Debow Ontario Cty., NY

June - General Orders 11 June 14, 1864

July - Letter from Lt Richard Watkins Co K 3rd Virginia Cavalry to his wife Mary

August - Letter from Private William Preston Holland Company G 11th Virginia Infantry

September - Letter Private Newton Camper Company D 11th Virginia Infantry

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