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2018 James City Cavalry Speakers

December 15, 2018 - Camp Christmas Supper

2019 James City Cavalry Speakers




23 Jan           Edmund Ruffin

                          Mr. Tilghman Broaddus  


27 Feb           Gosport Navy Yard – A Major Naval Asset

                                    Mr. Duff Porter


27 Mar          TBD

                         Mr. Chris Kolakowski – Author and Historian


24 April        The Battle of North Anna  

                                  Mr. Chris Mackowski  - NPS Historian and Author



MAY            Confederate Remembrance Service and Picnic



26 Jun            John Taylor Wood – Special Operator          

                                     Mr. Norm Cooper – Historian, Lecturer & Docent at Lee Hall  


24 July            Submarines, Infernal Machines and Torpedoes

                                      Mr. J. Michael Moore – Historian, Author, Lecturer & Tour Guide  


28 Aug.         WBTS Ladies Dress – Discussion and Demonstration

                                   Mrs. Nancy Graham   


25 Sept.        Cottonclads and Rams in the Confederate Navy

                                   Mr. Lindsey Jones


23 Oct.          Southern Ladies Who Spied For The Confederacy

                                   Mrs. Billie Earnest


20 Nov.        TBD











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