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2018 Camp Officers

Jeff Toalson - Commander
Dave Watson - Adjutant / Treasurer
Ken Parsons - Assistant Adjutant / Treasurer
Jerry White - 1st Lt. Commander
Steve White - 2nd Lt. Commander

George Bridewell - Quartermaster


Jon Holland - Aide de Camp


Fred Boelt - Historian

George Corbett - Chaplin
Paul Huelskamp - Archivist & Editor
Don Woolridge - Webmaster

In Memory of Chaplain Bill Blizzard
The James City Cavalry Camp 2095 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was formed in 2005. Mr. Bill Blizzard served as our first Chaplain and has been the Chaplain of Camp 2095 for most of our 6 ½ year history. Bill was a thoughtful, soft spoken individual and gave freely of his time to support the James City Cavalry. For several years, before our Camp was formed, Bill would travel to Richmond with David Ware and others to attend meetings of the General James Longstreet Camp. Bill never did genealogical research to determine if he had any Confederate ancestors. That was unimportant. He was a “friend of the Camp” and felt a Chaplains purpose was to minister to the needs of the individual regardless of which color uniform they might be wearing. At our Christmas supper he noted that the letters we read from Confederate soldiers and loved ones could have just as easily been letters from Union privates, sergeants, wives and mothers. The ordinary citizens and citizen soldiers were all the same to our departed Chaplain. Bill could ask for no finer praise.
Bill has crossed over the river and is now at rest under the shade of the trees


2011 Officer Induction Ceremony

L-R Chaplain Bill Blizzard, Quartermaster Jim Swords, Historian/Genealogist Fred Boelt, Commander Jerry White, Adjutant Ken Parsons, 2nd Lt. Commander Steve White, 1st Lt. Commander Jeff Toalson and Inducting Officer 1st Brigade Commander Kenny Harris

2011 Induction Ceremony

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